Insurance and Garage Door Repair Emergencies

Insurance and Garage Door Repair Emergencies

One of the most common issues we in the Oakland garage door repair and installation industry is the matter of insurance. More specifically homeowner’s insurance and in some cases even auto insurance. It is important to know that not all situations allow for insurance to step in. In some cases, it may not be wise to file a claim for damage to your garage door even if it is covered. Continue reading below find out why.

Are You the One who Hit the Garage Door with Your Car?

If so, the auto insurance most likely will be of no assistance. Many car insurance policies won’t cover you damaging your own property. Your home insurance is the key. Most home insurance policies will cover this, and if the damage is high enough, it is worth using it.

In this Case, You are Not the One who Hit the Garage Door with a Car

Some other person drives right into your garage door. In this case, their car insurance will be of help. How much coverage the person has will vary, but this is definitely the kind of thing car insurance was made for.

Your Home was the Victim of Vandalism

Your home owner insurance covers things like this. It is referred to in the insurance industry as ‘malicious mischief’ and most home policies carry coverage for it. It would help if the vandals are caught and held responsible so your premium won’t have to go up, but in the absence of that, your own insurance is a good thing to fall back on.

Time is Not on My Side

Is your garage in such disrepair that everything about it is going downhill? Has rust taken over the color of the door panels? Has your overhead garage storage rack collapsed yet? If the garage door stops working because it is too old to function properly, that is usually not covered by insurance. You are almost always having to come out of pocket for something like this. If the malfunction is caused by something unnatural, like a power surge that fries a part of the automatic garage door opener, then you may have a case. Normal wear and tear, however, is inevitable and uncompensated.

The Good Old “Act of God”

Many natural weather phenomena like hail, high speed wind, or falling trees are covered, so if one of these things causes a dent in your garage door, you are probably covered.

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