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Oakland Music Venues

Oakland Music Venues

Oakland is one of the places to visit if you want an epic night of nothing but music and performances. The nights are wild and purely entertaining thanks to many music venues and performance theaters. From the small bar-floor sections to the grand auditoriums where bands go live in motion and parting curtains fly, Oakland music venues are some of the most varied. You will run through several music venues and theaters each time you stroll past the clean streets and palm trees. The venues can be divided into three main categories that include the following:

Something for the headliners

For the headlining bands and artists who want full attention and presence, the Fox Theatre is not just ideal but the ultimate venue to perform in. For a theater that was built way back in 1928, the decorative art background is simply stunning. This is not any music venue where everyone hangs out. Rather, it is an uptown high end hangout visited by some of the iconic respectable members of the society. And the bands that perform here are big as well. You hear names like Alice in Chains, Prince, The Decemberists, Green Day coming over to Oakland and you immediately know they are live at the Fox Theatre.
The Paramount Theatre is another classic Oakland music venue you must know about. From their beautiful art decoration to the big screens used to display classic movies, this is one of the respected venues in the region. It is also known for hosting famous entertainers and big names in the industry as well as the exceptional Oakland Ballet and Symphony.
Yoshi’s is the place to be if you hope to catch some of the best jazz performers of our time. It is a renowned jazz hall that harbors 330 seats in the theater. It is also famous for their delicious dinner which is part and parcel of all their events. They provide inspiring dinner soundtracks with incredible performances from names like Branford Marsalis, Diana Krall and McCoy among others.
The New Parish is another top class music venue for the headliners yet it is known for the lowest fees for shows. You can get in for as little as nothing although a $10 price tag is often seen as reasonable. This venue is a compilation of separate bar rooms and also has seating areas upstairs and a grand stage where fans can get quite intimate with their stars. It hosts varied music genres including hip-hop and pop as well as bluegrass.
If you are a fan of metal, punk and hardcore, then Oakland Metro Opera House is your final hangout. You can also catch some special events like Hoodslam which is hosted on the first Friday of every month.
Mingle, drink and catch be part of amazing music shows
If you are out for Oakland music venues where you can listed to a little bit of music, mingle with other guests and drink at your own convenience, then you have Café Van Kleef for you. The kitschy bar is notorious for lighting up its stages for some blues and rock music attracting many into the tropic-painted walls.
Awaken Café is another joint where you can drink up all the coffee and tea you want and still experience live entertainment from street slams to indie bands. If this does not interest you, then the Elis Mile High Club will as it provides a mix of live punk-music, alcohol, as well as tattoo parlors.
Basque and Duende are two separate activity spaces found in the same building offering a perfect hangout for those who want mingling, drinking and live music. After finishing your dinner at Basque, make sure you head upstairs to Duende where the stage is just heating up to host some incredible music and performances. It is more entertaining in the weekends and hosts the whole mix of music and entertainers.
The Night Life is another perfect venue for you to experience hip hop performances at their rawest level. Experimental artists record their collaborations at the Grand Lakes Studio and rock shows every night.
Something for the spotlight
The uptown music scene attracts hipsters and those who want crazy nights out. The talent and taste is impeccable and you can never run out of bars with live music and DJs. If you are interested in indoor distractions such as jukeboxes that play 45s and arcade games within your music venue, then Legionnaire is your best choice. You can catch up with punk bands as they go live each first Thursday or look up for comedy shows and bands upstairs.
For the indie music spotlights, there are several options you can pick from. They often go together with beer and cocktail and looming choices range from the amazing Bar Three-Fifty-Five to Uptown Night Club and Layover. These music venues are popular hangouts that offer thrilling live music and inspiring art.
If you want organized venues that have a long calendar of shows and music events to be hosted within their walls, then you have no better option than Stork Clubs. It is more than a music venue and hosts an assortment of music genres including jazz and its alternatives. The venue comprises a country yard, dual mezzanine lounges and a top notch sound system to enliven any music event. The Oakland Marriott City Center is also available for anyone in need of a room to crush after the epic music nights. It is best known as the jazz hotel and provides pre-show cocktails from their themed bars.
Oakland is one of the sophisticated cities and the nightlife is rocking in this part of the state. There are numerous bars and clubs that offer stages for live bands and music events; the list is probably too long to experience in one visit. However, above mentioned are some of the popular Oakland music venues you can start with. They are top notch venues that provide halls for live bands and entertainments to dinners and hotel rooms. Others also have lounges to relax and set up the mood before rocking the music event. With that said, you can find many other high end venues that host music events within Oakland.

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